Abandoned houses, killing insects, bloodsheds, invisible ghosts, dark caves, evil spirits, terrifying forests, haunted dolls, wicked witches, scary tombs, vampires, aliens, sadistic thugs, cursed demons, predators, zombies, and creatures from other worlds. All these and more were and continue to be a source of fear for mankind since its existence.

Taking advantage of that reality, many filmmakers since the beginning of the cinema industry have relied on such human weakness to create a horrifying and exciting watching experience that may terrifyingly embody the whole event with its smallest details so the watcher can not forget as he is in a middle of a terrifying nightmare and the time stopped there.

In more than a century since 1912, nearly 17,000 horror films have been produced according to IMDB’s classification and out of this total, around 14,000 films have been rated.

This data visualization presents every rated horror film ever made since 1912 until end of 2019 in a nonuniform timeline, where each circle represents a rated horror film. Area of circle represents popularity of the film by the number of votes it has got. Circle’s stroke width and opacity represent the average rating of the film.

Explore Every horror film Made since 1912 till present

Interact with the data. Explore the relations by film director. Spot the most popular films, and the ones with the highest rating. Pick the next film to watch ..  Are you horrified?

* Use Google Chrome for the best viewing experience.


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