“In the darkness you could hear the crying of women, the wailing of infants and the shouting of men … Some prayed for help. Others wished for death … But still more imagined that … the universe was plunged into eternal darkness.”

Pliny The Younger, A.D. 79

POMPEII | The Angry Face of Nature
POMPEII | The Angry Face of Nature

POMPEII | The angry face of Nature

“The volcanic eruption devoured the city completely and buried it in a blink of an eye with everything it contained. The city was completely wiped off the map as if no human had stepped on this spot of land before.”

Read POMPEII’s tragic story which is accompanied by visual illustrations and followed by an insightful data visualizations of the severe natural disasters that happened during the recent history, since 1900. 

POMPEII disaster was neither the first nor the last. That anger of NATURE was repeated over and over. It took different forms, but all of them were cruel and scary. During the recent history since the beginning of the 20th century until September 2020, along a course of 120 years; 15,612 natural disasters happened on the surface of our green planet Earth. Collectively, these disasters caused the death of 33.5 million people.

Not all of these disasters were at the same level of severity and brutality. A small percentage of them, which didn’t exceed 10%, were the leading cause of almost all the deaths. This small percentage is the nucleus of whole disasters where the mass was concentrated. This percentage harvested 99% of the total souls that were got lost.

POMPEII | The Angry Face of Nature
POMPEII | The Angry Face of Nature

Explore all disasters. View their distribution over time, over locations, per categories and subcategories. Find trends, the most catastrophic events and other insights … Have a LOOK!

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